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Welcome to the Women Artists | From France to USA, leading by French Women Artists for a new generation of art exhibits!


Based in the creative heart of the East Coast of the United States, the Women Artists group was born from a friendship between French Women artists who wanted to share their own art through art exhibitions and give to the visitors an immersive art experience. The idea is to organize art exhibitions through the world. To realize these objectives, they signed partnerships with professional art curators. The first exhibit, on May 2019, took place in a prestigious place in Paris and was a success, the second one took 

place in New Hope, PA famous and historic place for fine art and New York.

Women artists is coming back this fall in New York City!!!

Many other projects are being worked on... 


2020 | OCTOBER   23 & 24

Women Artists  itineranc#03


Drawing - Painting -  Photography - Sculpture



Spring 2020

For this third edition, Women artists will hang in New York City!


OCTOBER 23 & 24

242 W 22nd St

New York

Hosted by VICTORI + MO Gallery


Women Artists 

Pascale Roux de Bezieux -Photographer,  Gaëlle Hintzy-Marcel -Sculptor, Marine Futin and Carole Jury -Abstract Painter, will be part of the third edition of Women Artists.


Selection Committee

For each Art project, professional art curators support and help the Women Artists.