painter-mix media

Annabel is a French Artist based in Philadelphia. When she was very young, she discovered an uncompromising boundless passion for drawing in all its forms. Her family often said “she must have been born with a pencil because we have always seen her drawing!”


She developed and strengthened her skills and technics in the school of Fine Arts (Ecole des Beaux Arts) in her birthplace and then, in Paris. But against all odds, her pragmatism led her to attend a business school and to work in Financial Industry for more than 18 years!

It is only a few years later when she moved to the USA with her family, she renewed definitively with her longstanding passion. She got one foot in the stirrup by joining an Art Organization as a student member and then becoming an instructor the following year!  In 2019, after winning several reward prices in Art competitions and a successful solo exhibition in California, she decides along with the support of her family to make her dream comes true in becoming a professional artist!

Today, this self-made woman shapes volumes and colours to create avant-garde 3D artwork converging painting and sculpture. Accomplishing a modern and electrical artwork, Annabel is collaborating with multiple Institutions such as schools, museums, corporations and non-profit organizations.

In addition, to envision her personal pieces, she customizes unique Art pieces for her collectors, always with a Trendy, Chic and Parisian Touch’ shaping her artistic identity!







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