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Rachel Scharly 



As a passionate of literature and music, the words I paint on my pictures shall be an echo to a poem, a novel or a song and always an echo of time. ."

Rachel Scharly, 2019

Rachel is a mixed media artist. As a postgraduated in Sociology Anthropology, Rachel has made extensive use of photography in her analysis and social studies. She has started to use photography as a tool for analysis, and photography as a tool to communicate sociological understandings.  Naturally, she fell in art photography creating her own vision of art photography by mixing images, urban language style and paint. She has nurtured her passion for urban environment and history with a series of projects in New York City, where she lives. The work has taken her across the five boroughs and beyond to document her different projects.


Rachel mostly works on black and white since it evokes to her the timelessness, the suspended time and the contrast. She works on her pictures with acrylic and patchwork, using an urban language “as graffiti can be”. 

Credit Photo Bruno Calvo





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