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"I am inspired by the various cultures I discovered over the years. They taught me to recognize that the more I know, the more I realize I do not know.

In my work, I look to express deep understandings of life, some of them influenced by philosophical approaches I have been exposed to. My main subjects are feminity, emotions, and feelings about life. My playground is made of materials, wax, molds, resins, pewter and bronze."

Gaëlle Hintzy-Marcel

Gaelle Hintzy-Marcel is a French Sculptor living in New York.


For 20 years, Gaelle has been nourishing her art with various cultures and encounters by living in France, Indonesia, Russia, India and the United States.


In New York, since 2016, she became a memeber of the prestigious Art Student League, where her art has been granted an « Award » in the semi-abstract category for her sculpture in pewter  « Past-Present ». Most recently, she has been exhibiting in a Solo exhibition hosted by Par Excellence in New York (Bowery), and in a joint exhibition with the Women Artists from France in the Victori + MO Gallerie (Chelsea).


« My work is mainely figurative, I use the bodies’ position of my sculptures to share my emotions and perception of the world. My sculptures’ names are such as Balance, L’envol, Humility. Gratitude or Feminity.. »


I love playing with materials. Each one of my sculptures are the result of a long process, in which i interact with it. This is an empirical, definitely experimental approach, a real playground which make me vibrate everyday. My favorite materials are Bronze, Pewter, Steel and Wood..

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