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French Wink

French Wink is a multivendor eshop promoting French savoir-faire and lifestyle in the U.S. It’s also a boutique located in New York at 245w 29th street. Both host some of Carole Jury’s artworks.


She For She

The name She for S.H.E comes from Sharing, Helping and Empowering. We believe that women are stronger together, especially in a foreign country, and that the greatest predictor of success and happiness is social connection. She for S.H.E is now becoming a digital and international community, led by Margaux Bonnet who joined Valérie-Anne Demulier in 2020 to expand the network to Los Angeles, Paris, and London.


Monsieur Brunold

10 years after its debut in New York, Monsieur Brunold has become a reference for custom clothing & bespoke alterations. 

Visit our private showroom to discover a myriad of fabrics handpicked from the finest European mills, and the full range of customization details. 

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Le Petit Journal New York


Le Petit Journal New York is the leading online media for french speaking people living in the United States. Le Petit Journal has 69 local issues around the world. It is the first media for french expatriate people with 30 millions of read articles per year.


Women of Culture

Women of Culture is a social enterprise that creates art-based experiences, trips and private group events designed to connect, inspire and empower women - while also showcasing the power and necessity of the arts.


PICTO New York

Picto New York services professional photographers' needs from the studio, to retouching, printing and framing images as well as global luxury brands' needs for image production, prepress and traffic.



French Radar is an online news media and practical guide aimed at French-speaking expatriate communities, travelers, nomads and prospective expatriates. 1st global directory of French and French speaking professionals living abroad.

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