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Pauline Lévêque is a French illustrator, author and freelance journalist. For many years, she wrote about the film and entertainment industries for publications including Le Journal du Dimanche and Paris Match, where she was a contributor for 10 years.


When her son Georges was born, she started to write "Beep Beep", a bilingual (French-English) children’s book series starring a funny little red car. In 2017, she illustrated the charming and playful "Say Bonjour to the Lady" published by Clarkson Potter. Recently, she illustrated four novels written by Marc Levy, published by Robert Laffont & Versilio.

"I grew up in the countryside in the middle of nowhere, an hour from Paris. My father is a very talented and renowned artist. He paints trees and fields and birds. I grew up in his studio, scribbling on his empty canvas and playing with his oil paintings tubes. I remember the smell of his art. 

I remember the scent of the grass in the morning, the gorgeous skies, and the strength of the linden trees. 

But I’m obsessed with cities. I suffer from vertigo but I love heights. I’m not sure where it comes from, but lines and perspective have always inspired me. It can be a street, a tower, a large building, a small house or a roof, I love the structure and the composition of a city. I love to imagine there’s no end to it. Its horizon is structured, busy, uneven, rough. Yet still you can dream."

​Pauline is at the board of Doctors of the world USA, an international health and human rights organization. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and their two children.





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